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I welcome all comments, criticisms, and discussions. Since I moved over all my old comments are gone.

Started Early

Started Early
Yes... I was the bad influence your Mom warned you about

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    Years and Tears by the Dozen

    12 years is a lifetime for many
    but only a moment
    for the Lost, left behind

    Today's unusual cold summer rain
    God's tears, with a purpose
    to cleanse our Souls.

    Wash away the sadness
    of a dozen years
    with a warm haze of memories

    Time battles to suffocate the pain
    surrounding it with positive thoughts
    of almost forgotten days

    Scattered, flashes of the past
    tethered through the Spirit
    that lives within us

    Connecting us all together
    a cosmic, eternal lasso
    binding us to you.

    For you, my Brother, I continue
    To Live, Laugh, and Love.
    Everyday is my memorial to you.

    Royal with Cheese

    Royal with Cheese
    Royal with Cheese - Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush. Luckily, he wasn't playing.