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I welcome all comments, criticisms, and discussions. Since I moved over all my old comments are gone.

Started Early

Started Early
Yes... I was the bad influence your Mom warned you about

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    Soundtrack to Gino's life (at the moment)


    Pega-Pat the Constellation Shaped like a Panda Bear

    (How about a little scansion diminishing meter? line two is hendecasyllabic )

    The Days of our childhood fade into random memories
    A black and white film in my mind plays frames of
    Bowling, snow ball fights, and hopping fences
    That movie plays in my thoughts and dreams
    Over and over again, with a trembling smile
    That disguises the deeper sadness inside
    Is that you tapping me on my shoulder?
    Like Hermes the winged messenger
    Whispering that it’s ok for you now
    Are you traveling the cosmos?
    Exploring, Seeing, Moving
    Freely amongst the stars
    When we meet again
    We’ll sign the book
    Together this time
    I can feel you now
    Watching us

    Royal with Cheese

    Royal with Cheese
    Royal with Cheese - Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush. Luckily, he wasn't playing.