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Started Early

Started Early
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    Party in the Sky

    Party in the Sky
    It’s 6:14 am. Mike woke me a 5:30 today
    There is no definition on what a person is. But what separates Mike from my fatal vision of The AfterMIKE (a way to measure time, which is much like aftermath, but way more gnarly.) is the SOUL. The Aura of a soul can not be faked, plagiarized or facsimiled. Staring or simply window shopping through Mike’s eyes you could tell that. He was both a Warrior and a Poet.

    My excitement for the Future is waning. Its seems like I am watching my life on ABC’s After school Special. I’m the scared friend who wanders through the whole episode blaming himself even though everyone tells him he shouldn’t . I talked out loud to Mike whenever I am alone. For some reason this seems perfectly logical to me. Just like we were sitting in the O’Leary Mobile.

    I am now 22 years old. Every person has something that scars them the most over their lives. For me I think ( and pray) that it just happened. I still have another 2/3 of my life to live. When I go to heaven will I remember Mike? Will his features still be etched in my mind so detailed as they are when I shut my eyes? Is going to heaven like getting off a plane in the Airport. You gotta look around to see who’s picking you up. I’ll be an old man by then, maybe Mike won’t want to pick me up. He will already have explored the universe without me. I wish we could do it together. He’s the first of my brothers to go. He’s got to be a little lonely for one of us.
    Follow Up:
    7 years since writing this. Another ¼ of my life passed by. I read it and realize that Mike isn’t lonely anymore. I’ve had the bad luck of losing more of our friends, while he’s enjoyed the good fortune of having them added to his party. I still wonder how it’s going to go down in the end. Will everyone be waiting like a welcoming home party? Do you see friends who I’ve lost and only knew briefly? Is there a determining factor in who greets you (if all the went into the light and came back people aren’t pulling a hoax the likes of Bigfoot)? Are my relatives and friends going to be playing paper, rock, scissor celestially to figure out who has to come get me? I’m putting in my request now for Mike… So make sure you’re not playing golf with Hendrix that day.
    And I am Happy to report my excitement for the future is tremendous.

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    Royal with Cheese

    Royal with Cheese
    Royal with Cheese - Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush. Luckily, he wasn't playing.