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    Last night Mike rode in on a meteor

    Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
    2:42 am Last night Mike rode in on a meteor. I seen him as the sky lit up, lighting the match of our last joint together. It's silly to explain the feeling I have about Mike when I know he's with me. It's not a feeling like God is with you, that at all times around type of thing. It's a feeling that when I close my eyes I'd be passing to the left, where he'd be if I just reach over. A feeling that his presence is Meant to be known. Letting me know that the thoughts in my head is really the dialog we'd be having in person- but it is his.

    Tonight I sat on my roof staring Northwest waiting for the next shooting star. The flash is orange fire, through the sky, dying to get TO the Earth. It's a contest I'd imagine, of which ones can survive the atmosphere. Only the toughest outlast and touchdown on the Earths soil most that make it only are lost to the ocean. . Who knows where that Extra Terrestrial visitor started off, and how old he is. I've been in awe of the Redwoods of California thinking of all the life they've seen, sightless, it's a number I can understand enough to respect. The equation to figure out the meteors age alludes the bounds of what my mind can distinguish in time. At 100,000 years or 1 million or 1 billion it really all means the same to me. Where that little chunk of rock fits in a time line of my 5th grade science project, I'm not sure.

    When you catch a shooting star- and yes the word is "catch", it's a gift. It connects itself to the viewer, usually one in a group of people, that shouts skyward, 'Did you guys see that!' Its fire creates a karmic bond with the lucky viewer, and by way of the viewers soul gives them a piece of energy that it brought to Earth with them. Some call this the part where you get your wish. But I know it as something different. As that energy fills your spirit, it's not a wish exactly. It's an understanding, a greater sense to oneself in the universe. For a second it all makes sense.

    The year after Mike passed I made good on my promise to make it across the country. As I am not one for arguing with the supernatural, I found myself in the desert of Arizona during the same Meteor show as tonight. The sky there looks like a planetarium without the big star wars machine in the middle. The sky is black and there must be 20 stars for every one we can see here, because there's no ground lighting like the NY bluish night sky has. Arizona's sky was lit up with thousands of stars that night, the weather was beautiful and a coyote howled yards away from us for effect. There was a shooting star every minute or so. It's places of Power mixed with incidents like this that fills me with energy. Makes me admit I'm an extension of the Earth which is alive all around us. I've felt the touch of this natural energy in many places, like San Diego, Baja Mexico, Niagara Falls, Virginia Beach, and there, in the under the desert's meteor strewn sky that night. Each of those places have more than their location that makes them an energy antenna. Times and occurrence play a big factor. But each of those stories is for another day.

    On an occasion where you share a sighting I think it's important not to only wish something, but to give a karmic nod to the other knowing you're sharing that meteors energy together.
    As I watched the orange streak of fire through the night my amber ember of a remaining joint I brought for the two of us, quickly lights then fades. The two lights at the same moment talking to me in a cosmic language that let me know- Mike is next to me waving his hand and throwing a star through the sky for me. His way of joining me on the rooftop tonight.

    Six years is a meteor flash, and the time it takes for a tear to fall from my eye to the ground.


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