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I welcome all comments, criticisms, and discussions. Since I moved over all my old comments are gone.

Started Early

Started Early
Yes... I was the bad influence your Mom warned you about

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    Soundtrack to Gino's life (at the moment)


    The Forever forward sun

    Want so close, seems not far
    The Forever forward sun
    elusive, running
    Catch up, grabhold; the star.
    Slip the pure heart's embrace
    Hunted down, a prize
    Pray to God, beg for grace
    Thou shalt not lose the race
    Always yearning for the touch
    felt, tasted
    Wanting so much
    It seems like walking distance
    always so near
    almost have it
    thinking, running from afar

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    Royal with Cheese

    Royal with Cheese
    Royal with Cheese - Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush. Luckily, he wasn't playing.