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    Being a Best Man is all about a good speech

    Hello everyone. My name is Gene and today I have the Honor of being Mike’s Best Man. First I want to thank both the bridesmaids and groomsman for helping make this wedding a wonderful & memorable occasion. Each one of you put in a tremendous amount of time and effort and as everyone can see you helped create a wonderful event! (START APPLAUSE.) And I can’t continue without saying how beautiful Mora looks tonight. She’s the perfect bride… isn’t she?
    I also want to thank all of you who have traveled from out of state or the country, to join Mike and Mora on this special day- it’s amazing how far people will go for an open bar. Your presence is truly appreciated and the wedding would not be the same without each of you here.
    I think everyone agrees that it was a beautiful wedding. Unfortunately, the downside is you have to listen to me speak for a few minutes. Mike, I personally want to thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me today and especially that you have finally admitted after all these years that I am in fact the “best man”.
    A little history about Mike and I- In 7th grade my family moved down the block from the Cannons- Mike was the first kid I met in the neighborhood… From that point on we we’re close to inseparable… We were a good team…Mike had the greatest talent for figuring out how to get us into trouble… and it was my job to figuring out how to get us out… We also worked together at just about every teenage job you can imagine... We were paperboys, gas station attendants, worked at the car wash together, and our favorite– the beer distributor……ahhhh, all that beer, I mean, um, hard work and diligence- this is where we built our work ethic. Besides working hard outside of school Mike graduated 11th in our senior class, and in very close race, was voted best hair, ironically the entire right side of his head was shaved off…
    During our college years, we attended different schools. Mike landed himself at University of Scranton, in Pennsylvania, where I would go and visit him on the weekends. At Scranton, Mike met many of the friends that are here with us tonight, and I think they will all agree with me since Mora has made it this far If I start telling stories from his college years I might scare her away on her wedding day. For the sake of Mike’s honeymoon I’ll keep them quiet.
    After college, Mike decided to move to California. I, was of course, sad to see him go. But I knew it was the right decision when he turned to me one day before he left and said, “California is where my dreams are waiting for me” And Apparently, he found his dream. He met Mora…Mora, you make Mike happier than I have ever known him to be and I thank you for that. Please take care of him- he needs it. In truth, I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Mike has always been more like a brother to me than a best friend. I can only hope that I have been half the friend to Mike that he has been to me.
    Before I finish my speech, I’d like to ask you both to do something for me… Mora, I would like you to place your hand, palm side down on the table in front of you- Now, Mike, place “your” hand on top of Mora’s hand. Mike, want you to remember this very moment Because this is the last time in your life, that you will ever have the upper hand.
    Finally, it gives me great pleasure to invite each of you to stand, raise your glasses with me, and offer the new Mr. and Mrs. Cannon a toast of congratulations! Here’s to a new beginning- a life of happiness, health, adventure and love! – To you both

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    Royal with Cheese

    Royal with Cheese
    Royal with Cheese - Chuck Norris’ hand is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush. Luckily, he wasn't playing.